Be With You gets good reviews on it premier day

10/10: It was funny and sad, It’s fun to watch ㅠㅠ
2/10: I’m going to meet the director now…
10/10: I just finished watching the movie that I was looking forward to for a long time and I’m totally satisfied!! It’s a perfect movie for spring that makes you want to fall in love
10/10: It’s been a long time since I saw an authentic romantic movie…I was smiling the whole time. However, the lingering imagery is long
10/10: I went to the press preview but personally the Korean version is more fun ㅠㅠ The original had a calm feeling but the Korean version was better because It had funny and touching moments!
10/10: Seriously So Ji Sun and Son Ye Jin has the best chemistry ㅠㅠ My heart fluttered while watching them…It’s the best movie to watch on White Day!
10/10: As expected, Romance is for Spring! If Son Ye Jin stars in a Romance, It’s a must watch ㅜㅜ
10/10: It’s a good remake that has Korean style. The last part was so touching. Shall we go see it now?
10/10: The original work is good but It seems they make it even better. Melo Son Ye Jin is seriously the best
10/10: So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin look good together!!
9/10: It’s more impressive than the original work, I watched it because I’m So Ji Sub’s fan
9/10: It’s a beautiful movie. I usually don’t like So Ji Sub but he looked lovely in this movie. Son Ye Jin’s unique voice and her lovely smile was so pretty~
4/10: I still remember the impression of the original work
10/10: It’s a warm movie that make you feel the sadness, the love of a married couple and their child~ It was the best movie I’ve watched this year~
8/10: It gives you laughs and tears
10/10: A movie that warms your heart. Even though it is a remake, It has it own color
10/10: The best remake of the original work
10/10: It’s been a long time since I watched a melo movie. I liked it
10/10: It was a perfect movie for White Day
10/10: It’s a beautiful movie that makes you laugh and cry♡
The movie tops the box office on it premier day with 111.742 admissions.