Arthdal Chronicles Part 1 Review

Part 1 of the most anticipated drama of 2019 has ended but don’t worry we’re getting Part 2 today (July 22) with no longer wait HOWEVER was this drama worth the wait and the hype?

I usually write the synopsis before starting my review but this is hard lol too many things going on and I don’t know how to explain things without giving spoilers but let me try hehe

To keep it simple, In Arth there are three groups of people. Neanthals, who are born with superior strength. They also have the abilities to have dreams. The color of their blood and lips is blue. Sarams who are normal humans are divided by tribes, with leaders who are in charge of a united council to protect them. Even though they lack the super abilities, they are great fighters and strategists. They used their skills and learned how to farm, use animals to go to places, and create weapons. They are too ambitious. And the last group of people are Igutus which are a mix between Neanthals and Sarams, they also have the strength and abilities of Neanthal and the color of their blood and lips is purple. When the leader of Neanthals, refused to join forces with Sarams to build a nation, they decided to attack them and erase their race. The war lasted almost 20 years.

You see this is all I could come up with, I feel like you should watch the drama to get the other events hehe

The Good:

The cast: I mean Jang Dong Gun, Song Joong Ki, Kim Ji Won & Kim Ok Vin, what not to like about this cast? They were my reason to look forward to this drama. Luckily, they didn’t disappoint. Everyone matches well with their characters. However, I have to say that I feel like they haven’t shown us their full capacity yet. Other than Kim Ji Won’s curse scene, which I thought It was really powerful, nothing much really happened. Aside from the 4 main leads, all the supporting characters are top list actors that you can trust and watch as well and the drama does a good job in balancing out everyone’s screen time and seeing their character development.

The story/production: I’m happy that Korea took the risk to produce a historical fantasy, as It’s really one of my favorite genre. It’s considerate risky as in any type of these stories will be associated with GOT and that’s what happened! But please know that it’s completely different from GOT and it’s not a copycat! People need to stop making GOT the only show with these props and customs! Anyways…I really like the story since It’s different from what we usually get, It’s full of twits and you can’t predict what will actually happen next! However, the first episode can be really confusing, since we got introduced to all these groups of people and names, and I sometimes still have a problem following some characters names, you really have to be fully focused while watching the episode because if you let go for a second, you can get lost! I love the costumes and cinematography and you can feel people are really working hard on this drama. Some complain that the screen is too dark, but honestly what do you expect? It’s the primitive ages, so they have no lights back then, their source of light is the sun, moon and fire!

The Bad:

The episodes length: This is actually my only problem with the drama! Yes, the episode is full of events and excitement HOWEVER 1 hour and 20 mins is a bit too much! I sometimes find myself taking a break and pausing the episode to check out my phone or do something, to change my mood, I’m like are we done yet? Have we reached the ending already? I feel this length actually made the development seems really slow

What I’m curious about? (it contains spoilers)

  • The masked guy. I’m so curious about his story! Why is he being punished? I really hope they don’t just ignore his character and make no use of him!
  • The Neanthals. We saw in Part 2 character charts that some of them survived and they will be coming back. I want to know how they manged to survive since we clearly saw Tagon celebrate killing the last one of them.
  • Chae Eun. I feel there is something about her character. why she finds Neanthals and Igutus beautiful creatures and doesn’t hate them like other sarams? Why did she create the lipstick that can help you hide the purple lip color? She said she made it for her sister but why? She also told Eunseom that he seems so familiar, does this mean she knows about Saya? Or have she seen him before?
  • Three heavenly bodies. The Sword, the bell and the mirror. Which we clearly know by now It’s Eunseom, Tanya and Saya. I’m curious to how these three will come together and end the sarams world.
  • What will Moo Baek do? He is the only one who always didn’t like Tagon’s ideas, knows about Kanmoreu and Aramun Haesulla, so I’m really curious about his plan.

Overall I really enjoyed watching Part 1! It was more like an introduction to the story and all character and the real thing will begin *hopefully* in the second part where I truly hope It will be full of excitement and be more fast-paced! I also enjoyed reading theories on twitter and talking to people about it. Honestly that was the fun part about this drama, sharing different point of view of each episode with others was really enjoyable and made the drama even more fun to watch. I do recommend this drama especially to people who are a fan of this genre or just anyone who is looking to watch something different.

My Rating:

Overall: 8.5/10
Acting: 8/10
Story: 8/10

Are you guys watching this drama? What do you think about it?

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