Angel’s Last Mission: Love Review

Dan has completed his mission! Has the best drama of 2019 already been found?


This drama follows the story of Lee Yeon Seo (Shin Hye Sun), a retired ballerina who went blind after a tragic incident on stage years prior. Because of this accident, she became cold and bitter to everyone around her

Angel Dan (Kim Myung Soo)  is a bright, young angel sent to take care of animals. He messes up on his last mission and as a result is given a new final mission: Help Yeon Seo find love within a month. Unfortunately for him, he finds himself falling in love instead!

This show had a beautiful start but somewhat of an unpredictable, rocky ending.

The good:

  • The Music: walking into a drama that follows a ballerina, you may expect an array of worn out classical music with some sugarplum fairy sprinkled throughout. ALML’s osts destroy this expectation. The tracklist is diverse and anyone and everyone should be able to find one or two favorites. I might even dare to say the OST outdid the film at some points.
  • Yeon Seo: A character like Yeon Seo could’ve easily been done wrong. Insufferable rich artist brats with tragic pasts is in no way a new concept. However the way Yeon Seo was written, as well as portrayed by Shin Hye Sun makes you fall in love with her. Instead of feeling annoyed by her before-love state, the watcher can appreciate both her cold and warm sides. It’s almost as if you’re in the same position as Dan, wanting to not like her because she’s such a brat, but understanding where her bitter exterior comes from.
  • Kim Dan: Unlike the character of Yeon Seo, Kim Dan was a very fluffy and funny character so it kept balance between the rudeness of Yeon Seo’s character. As in kdramas, there’s always a male lead protecting female lead but in alml we got to see both of them equally protecting each other. Dan’s character changes with the pace of time he also turns to be a more serious man when it comes to his love, Kim Myung Soo portrayed “Kim Dan” well so far.
  • The Chemistry: I could feel the love between these two from episode 1 alone. You can see how much trust they put in each other from the get-go. Even when their relationship was just boss-employee you can see that Dan wants Yeon Seo to be a better person and Yeon Seo is continuously intrigued by Dan’s lack of fear for her. Another shining aspect of their relationship was Yeon Seo’s character retention. Usually when strong, ‘mean’ female leads fall in love, they lose their strength and fully depend on that person. Whenever she lost Dan, she was hurt and broken of course, but she pulls herself together and shows no weakness on her outside.

The bad:

  • The Ending: The final two episodes of this show were downright disappointing. So much was left to hang without any closure or explaination. Although many people appreciated this open ending, it felt very rushed compared to the rest of the show. The finale just felt jam packed with missed opportunities. The ending was too rushed. An extra 2 or 4 episodes could’ve done the show very well.
  • Kang Woo and Ru Na’s ending: Part of my frustration with the ending is tied to the way Kang Woo and Ru Na’s stories were wrapped up. Kang Woo went from being obsessed with Yeon Seo to just moving to New York to watch rats drag pizzas. There’s also no update on his living forever state. It makes no sense for his character to just leave Yeon Seo alone, even if he felt he had no chance with her. It felt as if his character was just starting to develop and then stopped abruptly.
    As for Ru Na, her reduction to just another sister obsessed psycho was disappointing. In no way did she need to be supernatural or anything like we predicted, but it’s just as unrealistic to just say she loves her sister a bit too much and has a few screws loose. She tried to kill a girl for years, killed those important around her, broke out of jail, there’s no way she’s just a little crazy. At least, the writer should’ve explained the details about her past. I’m sure at some point, being scared of her evilness, we’ve thought that “why’s she like that?” / “what kinda bad things happened to her that made her a crazy psycho?” So yeah, we needed an explanation.
  • Ms Jung: One more thing that i didn’t get is that the writer didn’t bother to make it clear that Ms Jung knew about dan being an angel or not i mean she was an important person in Yeon Seo’s life yet no clearance regarding this matter. 


Niq (@___suhny) 
Plot – 9
Acting/Cast – 10
Osts – 10
Total – 9.7

Anna (@gonelikewinter)
Plot: 8
Cast/Acting: 10
Osts: 10
Total: 9.5

Angel’s Last Mission may not be the best show of 2019, but its definitely worth picking up!

Written By: @___suhny & @gonelikewinter

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