Angel’s last Mission: Love Episodes 25-28 Thoughts/Review

Episode 25-26

Clingy Yeon Seo

This conservation was everything, Dan was actually flirting with her, he was like telling her that he is just like other human beings. Yeon Seo was being clingy as she knew that Dan’s gonna leave her soon she didn’t want to waste any more time and I love how she wanted to spend every single second with him.

Crying on a date

She actually knew everything about him and his dissipation matter, she showed that she was alright but just couldn’t control herself, I really like the fact that despite knowing each others secrets they didn’t abandon each other they stood with each other unlike all the other couples in kdrama. They sit together and sort things out. Anyways, Yeon Seo’s only weak in front of Kim Dan and she’s like another person with the others.

Kiss in the Rain

And this!!! This kiss was so hot, Myung Soo improved a lot and I’m glad we got a female lead who actually kisses back lol. I think that this is not gonna be easy for them, Dan can’t become human that easily they still have to go through pain i guess there’s gonna be a time lapse. And woah, they spent the night!!! I’m not sure but that’s how it looks! So the first thing that Dan wanna do when he becomes human is spend the night with Yeon Seo lmao.

Dan’s Fading

I don’t get the point here that he’s fading or she’s fading. To be honest, I don’t understand the point of Yeon Seo fading!! Hu sunbae said her fate was to die that day like what? I think there’s more to it, Hu sunbae perhaps loves Dan and he cares for him like a father but this is messed up.

A sad Proposal

And finally!!! He asked her to marry him. I couldn’t think much here i was in shock, i got no hope when Yeon Seo kept saying lets get married and Dan kept denying it, It was definitely because he’s an angel and can’t be human.

Episode 27-28

Turning point for Dan

Ughhh!!! Kim dan has no confidence now that he’ll become a human! To be honest, it’s understandable though he literally tried every goddamn method like he prayed and wrote his report so many times but it got burned!!! Now even a strong character would’ve lose his hope and he’s an angel he’s meant to be this soft!! But thanks to Yeon Seo she comforted him a bit.

Unfair dealing of deity

I was ugly crying while watching this episode, they’re getting married but can’t be by each others side!! I personally feel like Dan’s gonna become a human because the deity’s gonna see how much efforts they both are making just to be together, but if we see, Kang Woo’s love was also not effortless but he was being disrespectful towards them that’s why the deity planned to kill him. But Kim Dan is unlike Kang Woo he didn’t abandon them but is convincing them to let him be with Yeon Seo. At the end i wanna say have mercy on these souls you deities!!!

Yeon Seo bursts in anger

EXACTLY MY POINT!! Lee Yeon Seo is not a cry baby!!! She said it clearly!! I’ve been thinking that his mission was to make her fall in love and she is in love so why make them suffer?! It’s not like they’re gonna betray you, they’ve shown you enough of their weakness now please have mercy on them and let Dan become a human!

Marriage that might end sadly

I’m crying!!! They looked so pretty here. Yeon Seo crosses her path and arm with Kim Dan. This was actually a sad scene to look at cause we already know that something’s gonna happen to one of them. Earlier Yeon Seo also said that they don’t know who’ll die or dissipate first. I don’t know, i’ve a feeling that Yeon Seo might get in danger in the upcoming episodes. We have Ru Na, we must worry! And at the end the vows they wrote also burnt like what, we have 10 reasons to believe its a sad ending and not even a single one to believe its gonna be a happy ending. It pisses me off.

Ms.Jung the ultimate shipper

THIS!!! Firstly, can we please appreciate Ms. Jung. Like she’s really sincere to Yeon Seo, she’s like a mother to her. She was so excited for their marriage!!! And the wedding vows y’all the way they said WE BELIEVE IN OURSELVES damn like the undying love they have for each other is everything.

Evil Ru Na

Kim Dan looked so serious warning Ru Na!!
If they make Dan kill Ru Na I’ll be so mad, like, Dan is a goddamn angel he can’t commit such a sin!!! He’s not thinking at all. Why are they making him look so stupid? Death will come to Yeon Seo even if Ru Na dies, it is her destiny, it’s inevitable.

Written by: @gonelikewinter

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