Angel’s last Mission: Love Episodes 21-24 Thoughts/Review

Noisy Gong is back and she’s regained all her memories!

In this week’s episodes we find out that the one behind Yeon Seo’s memory loss is none other than Hu. of course he has solid reason other than fear of the deity. It’s a lame move, especially without telling Dan about it beforehand. I love Hu but i really wish he wouldn’t get involved as much as he does. The only good thing he did was morph into Ru Na to prevent her henchman from doing anything more severe.

Without her memories Yeon Seo assumes she just passed out during her date with Dan. She doesn’t remember his wings nor the face of the person who pushed her. However she picks up on a few signs that tell her otherwise. So our tough ballerina investigates the situation and remembers everything Dan was trying to protect her from that night. Including his identity as an angel.
Yeon Seo realizing something was wrong and actually taking charge has made her the star of these two episodes for me. Usually female leads notice something is wrong but ignore it until several episodes later to find out the truth and be devastated. Instead, she takes charge and it makes her character even more admirable.

It takes Yeon Seo a minute to re-accept Dan after breaking her trust and also failing to trust her, but of course being the match made in heaven they are they get back together. Yeon Seo makes sure to give Hu a harsh talking too, I couldn’t help but wonder if the demon all us fans are looking for is actually Yeon Seo because Hu was really trembling in fear! I really hope he’ll follow her wishes and not mess around and deceive them anymore, but who knows, it’s Hu.

The Geum Family remains a mess, especially Ru Na. It’s a bit sad to see her character go from smooth and calculating to a bit sloppy in these two episodes. She and her hitman have been caught several times by Dan, Kang Woo, and even her mother. Her mother takes the realization of her eldest’s wickedness hard, struggling to know if she should turn a blind eye or force her to put an end to her insanity.

Despite all the heartbreak this week the most scary is the pair realizing the uncertainty of their fate. Bitter-boy Kang Woo ran his mouth and told both parties that a sacrifice would be made if they stay together. More than anything I want them to have a happy ending, so I hope they don’t risk themselves for the other’s happiness. I can’t wait for next weeks episodes to see how our couple power through their pain!

Written by: @___suhny

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