Angel’s Last Mission: Love Episode 29-32 Thoughts/Review

The final episodes of the show have aired, and I’m an emotional mess.

Our finale starts off mirroring a Romeo and Juliet situation. Dan is ready to kill Yeon Seo’s repeat attacker and dissipate, while Yeon Seo is prepared to swallow a whole bottle of pills. Although I can understand the emotion both people were going through, wanting to give their love a chance at a good life, I found myself being slightly annoyed through my tears. Everyone knows that without Yeon Seo, Dan has no one on earth to turn to, without Dan, Yeon Seo is going to lose her marbles and still be a victim to the Geums.

And as if the push and pull of who dies wasn’t enough tragedy, Hu sacrifices himself to save our couple. I was 99% expecting for something bad to happen to Hu, but having it actually happen made my heart break. He was in no way a character I liked. He was annoying and nosy. But the one thing no one can deny is that he cares so much for Dan. His sacrifice almost made me forget all the times he tried to split DanYeon up. Almost..

Another unlovable character has redeemed themselves to be stronger than we think. Nina did what I never expected her to do by blowing the whistle on her sister. I without a doubt thought she would just run away from the situation. Instead, she stands her ground, not letting Ru Na’s mind games affect her.

While these episodes had their noble, uplifting or heartbreaking moments, there were many situations that felt empty. This includes the fate of Ru Na and Kang Woo. Both characters seem to have their stories dropped. Ru Na is reduced to a run of the mill psycho with a sister complex, and Kang Woo just leaves a vulnerable Yeon Seo (which remember he’s supposed to be obsessed with) and moves overseas.

These final episodes were bittersweet. The episodes didn’t feel like the closing and I wish we had even one more week to tie up some loose ends. Angel’s Last Mission will be a show I’ll never forget.

Written By: @___suhny

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