Angel’s Last Mission: Love Episode 19-20 Thoughts/Review

Dan and Yeon Seo being happy;

So our angel and ballerina are finally happy, though they will be happy only for just a short time because it is a kdrama thing. From the beginning we have seen only Yeon Seo suffers, but she was so happy after she got back together with Dan and that made me happy too. I wanna ignore the fact that Dan is hiding his secret from Yeon Seo and cherish these moments.

A hug of relief;

Here when Yeon Seo called Dan out and asked about what he was up to and what he has been doing, It really got me. We know Dan acts supper funny in front of everyone but he actually feels lonely and the way she said to him that they both are left alone in this world since their loved ones died. Dan was broken but he didn’t want to cry in front of her so he held his tears, then she hugged him to assure him that she will be with him no matter what.

Kim Dan suffering a critical situation;

Enough of all that funny Dan now we gotta see serious and struggling Dan. Since Hu sunbae has asked Dan to leave Yeon Seo as it will do no good to both of them, I started to have a doubt since Dan himself said” If there is a way for human to become an angel, i am sure an angel can also become a human” I’m sure that there is something that the senior angel is hiding and we can hope for their happy ending.

Evil Geum family;

I hate all the GEUM family members but her the most. She has been doing evil things just for her little sister, no matter how much i try to understand her i really cant get her point of doing this. Up till now they had made a lot of money they should leave Fantasia and Yeon Seo alone. Her father may be bad but he is definitely not the worst as he hasn’t tried to harm Yeon Seo but hasn’t saved her from his family either, I can’t debate on him. Her mother scares me but not as much as RuNa does, she really needs to step down her game. Ni Na is just dumb, wishing for someone to die just because you can’t be better than them is a freaking joke, you gotta make yourself better.

Dan saves Yeon Seo;

Damn our angel saves our ballerina, but when we finally got something interesting Dan had to mess up with her memories!! I was really waiting for this moment but all this memory erasing drama is about to happen. I personally feel like Dan should now let her know, she already made it clear that he is someone very important to her, so now its his turn to finally reveal his secret.

Did you guys watch the episode? What are your thoughts on it?

Written by: @gonelikewinter

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