Angel’s Last Mission: Love Ending Predictions.

This article may contain spoilers of Angels Last Mission: Love – XX.


Lee Yeon Seo – She’s going to be put in major danger. Dan and Kang Woo will have trouble saving her for whatever reason. As a result, Nina is somehow going to be involved and saves her.


Kim Dan – Is most likely *this* close to being disintegrated, but he sees that Yeon Seo is safe, and will be safe now that there’s no way for the Geums to weasel away from punishment now, so he’s prepared to accept it. Kang Woo’s sacrifice saves him.


Ji Kang Woo – Ji Kang Woo realises that Yeon Seo really can’t live without Kim Dan as she loves him too much, and he realizes that Seol Hee and Yeon Seo really are two different people and their personalities are also different from each other, so he takes a daring step and swap bodies with Kim Dan and takes his place as an angel and Dan comes back to life. 
After realizing who Nina is the reincarnation of, he becomes filled with regret seeing his love die again. He takes getting revenge on Ru Na into his own hands. Whatever he does, It will cause him to be a sacrificed either becoming an angel or disintegrating in place of Dan.


Geum Ni Na – Ni na finally becomes a successful ballerina, she now decides to never compete with Yeon Seo and she’s happy in her life. Kang Woo told his story to Ni Na and told her to live her life the same way she did before felling in love with him, he rejected her again. Reality really hits her hard as her mother and sister were in jail for their wrong doings. She just have her father by her side now, but she is happy.
She is actually the reincarnation of Kang Woo’s lover. This would explain her intense love for dance and surprising love for Kang Woo. She ends up with some tragic fate (death, sickness, end of ballet career, etc) trying to save Yeon Seo or protecting her sister from continuing crimes.


Geum Family – Ru na and her mother’s crimes are now exposed, they both regret doing such things to Yeon Seo but she won’t forgive them as her most precious people died because of them, it’s an understandable matter. Although, she is fine with Ni Na and her father. Ni Na’s father also regrets staying silent so he asks Yeon Seo for forgiveness, Yeon Seo realizes that he does not have anything to do with the murder things, she forgives him. 
Ru Na is either possessed by or is an angel, demon, or God. It’s stated several times that seeing a human able to defy God’s intent angers and fills him with envy. This would explain why Ru Na would be the perfect vessel to carry out such vicious deeds. She already has a bad heart towards Yeon Seo, so being possessed makes her actions more severe.


A happy ending – Dan and Yeon Seo are finally together after certain bad days of their lives they’ve experienced pain and happiness. Ni Na and her father became their new family and they planned to get Dan and Yeon Seo married. They held the marriage very beautifully, and finally they get married and lives a peaceful life after so much suffering.

After their marriage, the show fast forward to 2 years later and shows their progress as Yeon Seo becomes the Ballerina and Fantasia is running smoothly. Meanwhile, Dan is shown with two kids, he’s actually having a hard time controlling them. Our angel and ballerina are now parents. Dan complains bout their kids to Yeon Seo and he said he’s coming to pick her up and after that they all will go to a photo booth, and the show ends. 

Written by: @gonelikewinter and @___suhny

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