An Actress Who Looks Taller Than She Really Is – Han So Hee

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Actress Han So Hee

I thought she would be at least 168 cm but she turned out to be 165 cm

What do you guys think?

((165 cm doesn’t mean she’s short, it just she is shorter than I thought))


  • She does look like 164~5 cm
  • I think she just has a long proportions
  • I think she looks around 164~5 cm
  • She look like 170 cm
  • Being 165cm is tall so she is talk
  • I see her as 165 cm
  • I though she was 170 cm ㄷㄷ

The actress has recently play the role of Lee Eun Soo on Disney+ original drama “Soundtrack #1” and her upcoming drama “Gyeongseong Creature” is set to air in 2023.