Actress Kim Ji Young Passes Away After Bravely Fighting Lung Cancer For 2 Years

Naver – yonhap news: [Exclusive] ‘A master of dialect’ Actress Kim Ji Young Passes Away with lung cancer…She was 79 year old

1. [+24308, -59] You were an actress who showed us your acting qualities…Rest in peace

2. [+16810, -82] Nonsense…May the souls of the deceased refrain

3. [+12309, -40] May the souls of the deceased refrain

4. [+7469, -1298] Wishing the best for her soul

5. [+1750, -13] Hul…She often comes out in dramas and her acting was really goodㅠㅠㅠ She is too familiar…I think we can’t see her acting anymore…i feel so sorry…really sad…I wish the best for her soul, I hope you go comfortably

6. [+1310, -29] Life is nothing…It was a great honor to listen and watch a descent actress like you…Even if you didn’t receive an award, many people are so sad and misses you…I think life should be lived like this…A life that you don’t feel ashamed of yourself……May the souls of the deceased refrain…She was the grandma next door for the nation…Thank you for all the good memories…♡

7. [+1060, -8] Hul…this is shocking…

8. [+1030, -9] This is sadㅜㅜ I hope you go to a good place. May the souls of the deceased refrain