Actor Kwak Do Won denies allegations of sexual harassment

Naver – fnnews[Exclusive] Kwak Do Won who is been target by ‘Me Too’ movment “it’s a groundless rumor”

1. [+8591, -295] Nothing has been confirmed about him yet but we have to catch all the guilty people through ‘Me too’ movement

2. [+6329, -1093] Well he must know what really went down, what kind of support..–;;;; I feel like more will come out from Me too movement…People don’t expose things like that for nothing

3. [+3974, -371] Crazy ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+3293, -146] We don’t know the truth about Kwak Do Won yet but since the real victims are getting the courage to speak through Me too movement, I hope no one makes false claims to ruin a person

5. [+1273, -82] He has been a part of Yeonheedan for 7 years…ㅎㅎ

6. [+1084, -45] Wow~ Nowadays I’m surprised at the people who are being pointed at…

7. [+1048, -45]  At this point the whole entertainment industry is dirty, from where do we have to start to cut out the roots?

8. [+905, -33] The second article of Kwak Doon Won came up again

9. [+881, -130] The victims are living a hard life…But you don’t remember properly? The perpetrators are always denying the accusations

10. [+599, -22] People believe that he should have a press conference like Hoon Ah.

Daum – Star News: [Exclusive] Kwak Do Won “Sexual Harassment? It’s 100% not true…Damage from Me too movement” 

1. [+5076, -106] What is this?…If it’s really not true than It’s unfair. ‘Me too’ is a movement that expose the real garbage and punish them, let’s not make it an unfair movement

2. [+3573, -130] I thought It wasn’t true. I heard that the relation between Yeonheedan and the actor is not good…I hope it’s not true, from the heart of a fan

3. [+1580, -44] It caught a few people, but if it doesn’t do that to the rest, we won’t be able to collect garbage properly.

4. [+1538, -66] Like Kim Eo Jun said ‘Me too’ movement could hurt the innocents too…Don’t believe everything that comes out on the media and wait for the truth before you curse at him…’Me too’ is a good movement ♬~♪♩♩♪ but it could turn into a joke

5. [+1432, -48] Ah…this is the side effect of ‘Me too’ movement…It’s not easy to say the truth, I’m worried that the real victims will be discouraged because of this

6. [+1348, -88] This is the side effect that Kim Eo Jun talked about…

7. [+959, -49] I expected this

8. [+663, -19] The answer is to sue them

9. [+599, -32] Let’s wait for now