Actor Jo Min Ki has been found dead

Naver – isplus joins: Jo Min Ki’s sexual harassment case ended it with ‘no allegiance’ after dying

(t/n: his wife found him dead in a suicide in an underground parking lot storage room)
1.[+7998, -99] He ended the worse case in the worst way

2.[+6733, -78] The victims are in tears and he makes his family cry twice

3.[+6205, -211] Victims please don’t blame yourself for this. Jo Min Ki was only a man whose sins has been exposed and he has no courage to receive fair punishment.

4.[+5331, -132] Death doesn’t solve everything

5.[+3571, -161] The victims may have it hard but this is bittersweet

6.[+1115, -34] He is irresponsible 

7.[+1041, -43] I don’t think it’s necessary for the victims to feel guilty

8.[+912, -46] Do you think dying ends everything?

9.[+736, -18] He’s irresponsible, If you think about the investigation and the trials that are left, he should have lived a better life

10.[+655, -17] Do you leave scars to your family and just leave? Where will you get punished? He didn’t take responsibility until the end. I want the victims and his family to know that their suffering is not their fault.

Naver – yonhap news: ‘Suspected of sexual harrasment’ Jo Min Ki was found dead…testament hasn’t been found yet

1.[+9076, -320] The worst decision. I hope the victims don’t get blamed for his suicide

2.[+8237, -378] He will stay in his victims and family hearts ㅉㅉㅉ What will Cho Jae Hyun do?? Cho Jae Hyun and Kim Ki Duk are much worse

3.[+6882, -192] Once again the victims and his family will have a wound in their hearts. It’s bitter. You should have got punished and apologized to your family, why did you die?

4.[+6781, -374] Because he was sinful and he wasn’t able to settle, he ran to suicide, who will be responsible for the rights of the victims? 

5.[+5388, -203] He didn’t punish himself, he should have sincerely apologized to the victims but was that hard for him that he had to chose this choice…

6.[+1316, -91] Victims don’t blame yourself for Jo Min Ki’s suicide and don’t mourn, he will definitely be punished in heaven 

7.[+1260, -56] he is really irresponsible 

8.[+1150, -42] It’s not that he opened his heart, he just couldn’t handle being responsible so he decided to commit suicide ㅋㅋ If you were really reflecting and sorry, you would have been punished by law and helped to improve society.

9.[+1023, -43] He’s selfish until the end

10.[+957, -46] He is really bad…He was afraid to apologize and get punished, but how could you do that to young students?
[Spoilers] Misty E11 + Rating Lee Dong Wook and Suzy are reportedly dating + both agencies has confirmed

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