Abyss First Impression/Review

The drama is about Cha Min and Ko Se Yeon who are really close-friends. Cha Min is a successor of a cosmetics company. He is smart, humble and has a good heart but he is not attractive. One day his fiancé leaves him all of sudden and he tried to commit suicide because of that but he ended up getting into an accident and died. The people who caused the accident, bring out a mysterious Abyss, and they brought him back to life but with a different appearance. He now has a handsome appearance. Ko Se Yeon is a beautiful prosecutor. She is also smart and good at her job. While following a case of a serial killer she ended up getting killed. With the same Abyss, her friend Cha Min brings her back to life with also a different appearance but less prettier than she used to be (which is a lie because Park Bo Young is so pretty) but anyways, the two starts to work together and try to find the killer. Also Ko Se Yeon discovers that her new appearance is identical to her sunbae who works as an attorney at a law firm and decides to take her place.

Honestly i still don’t know how i feel about this drama, i don’t know if i had such high expectations and it didn’t live up to it or it’s just not that good which im leaning more to the second one honestly hehe. The first episode wasn’t so exciting but it wasn’t boring either! I honestly think i got through the first episode because of the leads and the cameo from my favorite a.ka Seo In Guk and Jung So Min, which it was the best cameo by the way and I wish we get to see them again! So yeah, the first episode was messy and all over the place, so is the first part of the second episode but then it got better at the end of episode 2, It started to get interesting and when it ended I felt like i needed the next episode ASAP. Then, episode 3 happened and made me sure that this drama is a disappointment, so many absurd things happened, Let’s talk about them shall we:

  • The police, where do i even start, i have a list of how stupid the police are in this drama. At the crime scene, where two people have got injured, Park Ki Man, which he is the father of one of the victims and the taxi driver & Oh Young Chul, which he is our serial killer that now looks like an old man and pretends to be his own father, yet the police didn’t identify any of them until Oh Young Chul woke up and told them who stabbed him and they asked the neighbors to know that that old man is the father of Oh Young Chul, while in all of this they could have analyse the blood stains from the crime scene and they would have found out the real identity of each one of them!! you’re telling me the police just believed the neighbors with no investigation? without checking out the ID of that old man!!? or his background? how can you not scan the crime scene?! Another think is, they only found out that Park Ki Man bought the train ticket but they didn’t know he opened his phone when he was in the mountain? doesn’t the police always check the phone signals of the criminal? because it’s much easier to track them down, right? On top of all, the man was hospitalize yet the police didn’t find out? if someone is on the wanted list shouldn’t his name be at all the hospitals? it’s been a day, he got surgery yet the police didn’t know? I thought “oh maybe he didn’t give out his name? maybe his registered as anonymous? but nope all the nurses knew his name yet the police didn’t know he was there!!! Oh there is still more!! so Park Ki Man was abducted, stubbed, he is a witness + he is still a criminal yet they didn’t put anyone, no police officer, to guard his room?! no one?? are you stupid? OMG…you see this is what happen when you watch to many crime/investigation dramas lol
  • Another think that bothered me in episode 3, is that Cha Min thinks he will go back to his old appearance when they catch the killer? and I’m like ‘what? how?’ what does catching the killer has to do with his appearance? I don’t mind it if Ko Se Yeon thought that she needed to catch the killer in order to go back to her old self, even though that’s still ridiculous but Cha Min has nothing to do with the killer? he didn’t die because of him? he got killer by two people which they apologized with bringing him back to life and gave him the abyss!!

There is still more but I will just stop here lol

You may wonder ‘Nina aren’t you just nitpicking?‘ Probably I’m. because the drama lacks excitement, i always have straight face whenever i watch it and when they do this small mistakes it makes me more frustrated.

So you may wonder again ‘Nina why don’t you drop it?‘ Curiosity. That’s my answer. I’m curious to see how things will go from here on, how will they make things work? + episode 4 ending caught me off guards and made me curious about what will they do next. This doesn’t mean that I’m not thinking about dropping it, if next week still ‘meh‘ i will probably let it go.

Other than that, the acting is good, Park Bo Young always nails her roles, Ahn Hyo Seop’s acting was also good, i was afraid it may be to early to give him a lead role but he actually matches with the character. The other cast are also good but I had a little problem with Kim Sa Rang’s acting as Ko Se Yeon, It was a little awkward at the beginning. Also another problem i have with this drama is how they keep saying/making Park Bo Young, a less than average not attractive woman, and I’m like ‘please stop!!’ the girl is so pretty and cute, how do you expect me or the viewers to believe that? so please stop. I just hope they stop with the attractive/unattractive plot, ENOUGH.

Sorry if this review was long, but i felt like i had a lot to say about this drama hehe so far I only recommend people to watch it if they’re a fan of the leads other that wait a little before starting, see if it will get better later or it’s just really not worth your time.