8 Underrated Korean Dramas

I decided to make a small list of underrated dramas that I truly enjoyed! This is based on my own preferences.

Come Back Mister:

Episodes: 16
Genre: Comedy, Melodrama

Simply one of my favorite dramas but unfortunately it was overshadowed by Descendants of the Sun and to be honest I enjoyed and loved this one more than DOTS!

It tells the story of two middle-aged men who die and then come back to earth and inhabit the bodies of a young man and young woman in order to protect the ones they love.


Angry Mom:

Episodes: 16
Genre: Family, School

Another one of my favorite! Not only did this drama introduce us to Jisoo but it talked about a lot of important issues such as bullying, pedophilia, murder, sexual assault and child abuse.

The drama tells the story of a mother who goes to school to protect her children from school violence.



Episodes: 12
Genre: Sci-fi, Mystery

I sometimes think this drama was released ahead of its time and probably that’s why a lot didn’t watch it or enjoy it! It really had a unique plot and was full of twist, It might be confusing in the first episodes, but it picks up and everything comes and fits together later.

The drama is set in the present (2017) and the future (2037), the story is about an alien invasion in 2017 and the subsequent new Earth in 2037; which is separated into the “Smart Earth” where people’s emotions are controlled and no crimes and illness exist, and the “General Earth” where people still suffer from rampant plague and lawlessness.


Beautiful Mind:

Episodes: 14
Genre: Medical, Melodrama, Mystery

Another drama that was ignored because it aired with a popular drama ‘Doctors’ but this was a really well written medical mystery drama! I was really sad when they reduced the episodes but thankfully it was wrap up really nicely.

The drama tells the story of Lee Young Oh, an excellent neurosurgeon but he lacks empathy towards his patients due to his antisocial personality disorder. One day, he meets Kye Jin Sung, a detective in the violent crimes division and he gets involved in bizarre patient deaths. He also falls in love with her and recovers his humanity.


Missing Noir M:

Episodes: 10
Genre: Action, Crime, Mystery, Thriller

I feel this drama is the most underrated, It was a really good crime drama, It had the suspense and mystery! I’m still waiting for a second season no matter what! If you are loving Kim Kang Woo in ‘Item’ but you find that drama extremely boring, I highly recommend you to check this one.

Gil Soo Hyun is extremely intelligent. At the age of 10, he attended Harvard University and after graduating, he went to work at the FBI. 10 years later, he decided to come back to South Korea. He now works as the leader of the Special Missing Persons Unit. The unit deals with about 1% of special missing cases involving violent crimes. His appearance borders on perfection, but he holds a secret. Detective Oh Dae Yeong joins the Special Missing Persons Unit. He has worked as a detective for 20 years and he has an obsession in observing the law. He is known as a master of missing person cases.


A Poem A Day:

Episodes: 16
Genre: Medical, Comedy, Romance

Some avoided this drama because of the female lead or because they thought it will be boring because of the poems and I honestly was one o these people but after watching it I ended up loving it!

The drama tells the story of lives of people who work at the hospital like physical therapists, rehabilitation therapists, radiologists, nurses, medical trainees and more.



Episodes: 16
Genre: Detective, crime, thriller, science fiction

The drama that made me fall in love with Yang Se Jong! this drama was so good, I have to say the first episode was a slow-burn and you may find it boring but things keeps getting better and better from there

The drama is about a detective, Jang Deuk Chun who gets tangled up in a shocking incident after meeting a human clone. They will have to battle each other to survive.


Falling for Innocence:

Episodes: 16
Genre: Romance, Comedy

This was my first Jung Kyung Ho drama and since then I became his fan! The acting was so good and so is the story, I find myself going back and re-watch some of the funny scenes. It strange that i never saw people talking about!

The drama talks about Min-Ho. His father ran a large company, but his death led to his uncle taking over the company. Because of this, he grows into a cutthroat investor. he then undergoes a heart transplant surgery and his personality changes. Thanks to his new heart, he begins to have warm feelings and he falls in love with a woman named Soon-Jung.



What Are Your Favorite Underrated Dramas? Feel free to add more underrated dramas in the comments 🙂

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