6 Reasons Why You Should Watch “HIStory 3: Trapped”

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Synopsis: Four years ago, a mysterious shooting left a police officer and the Tianmeng gang leader dead, and only one survivor. Now, police officer Meng Shao Fei is sure the survivor, Tang Yi, the now Teingmeng gang leader, is hiding something. Shao Fei and Tang Yi become entangled in a dangerous game, a game that becomes rather complicated when Tang Yi sets a “love-trap” for Shao Fei. 

6. It’s a part of HIStory series. If you have watched the other dramas in the HIStory series, then you have enough reason to watch “Trapped”. If you are unfamiliar with the HIStory series, then hold on tight because you will learn why “HIStory 3: Trapped” is a MUST watch!

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5. The story is rather heartwarming. Honestly speaking, I walked into the show not expecting anything more than a romance; however, the directors strove high. Although they didn’t quite reach the best plot development, the story is, nonetheless, worth watching. 

4.The relationship between Tang Yi and his adoptive father, the former head of the Tianmeng gang. Although all we got from this relationship are flashbacks, these flashbacks show hands down the best father and son relationship between two, not father and son. 

3. It is HILARIOUS (well the first half of the show definitely is). It does have a rather ridiculous kind of humor, but humor nonetheless. 

2. Jack and Xiu Li. The second couple in the show are just ADORABLE! Jack is probably the most WTH character for more than half the drama, both in a positive and confusing way.

1. Our main couple, Shao Fei and Tang Yi. Nothing can beat the romance progression between these two. Although the drama has its ups and downs, the lead couple makes up for it with their amazing chemistry

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