6 K-Dramas to look forward to in October 2019

Can you believe It’s already October! Which means only few months left till 2019 ends!!! I have to say this year was really full of good drama!!

So, as always, each month we are getting more and more kdramas to watch! And personally, I feel this month’s dramas are all really exciting! I will be seriously watching all of them hehe

Let’s see which upcoming drama you should look forward to watch in October!

Extraordinary You:

Episodes: 32
Writer: Moo Ryoo (webtoon), In Ji Hye & Song Ha Young
Director: Kim Sang Hyub (The King in Love)
Genre: School, Romantic, Comedy, Fantasy

The drama is based on the webcomic series “July Found by Chance”. Eun Dan Oh (Kim Hye Yoon) is a student at a prestigious academy, but she has a heart condition. One day by chance, she discovers that she and everyone else in her world are actually characters in a manhwa called Secret. Worse yet, Dan Oh is only a minor character in this story and is expected to die soon. Not satisfied with this fate, she decides to forge her own destiny by changing the story’s plot and finding her own true love. The drama is scheduled to premiere October 2nd on MBC.


My Country:

Episodes: 16
Writer: Chae Seung Dae (The Master of Revenge)
Director: Kim Jin Won (Rain or Shine)
Genre: Historical, Romance

The drama is set during the kingdom of Goryeo, two friends become enemies following a misunderstanding. They try to protect their country, and the people they love, their own way. Seo Hwi (Yang Se Jong) is a warrior. His father Seo Gum is a famous commander. Seo Hwi does not compromise when it comes to injustice. His life devolves into a hellish existence, but he still holds a smile. Meanwhile, Nam Sun Ho (Woo Do Hwan) is smart and a talented figure. Because his mother was born into the lowest class, Nam Sun Ho is looked down upon by other people. He wants to pass the military service examination. Due to a corruption scandal involving his father, Nam Sun Ho loses his dream. Making things worse, he comes into conflict with Seo Hwi over a misunderstanding. The drama is scheduled to premiere October 4 on JTBC.



The Lies Within:

Episodes: 16
Writer: Jeon Young Shin, Won Yoo Jung
Director: Lee Yoon Jung (Argon)
Genre: Thriller, Mystery

The drama is about a detective and a woman who’s to become a member of Congress, tracking down the truth about her father’s death and missing husband. Jo Tae Sik (Lee Min Ki) was once an enthusiastic detective, but he now wants a different kind of life. He longs for a peaceful and ordinary existence. Because of this, Jo Tae Sik applies for a transfer to a police substation in a small country village without many residents. Meanwhile, Jo Tae Sik takes a case involving the death of Lawmaker Kim Seung Chul. He died in a car accident, but Jo Tae Sik senses that the car accident is not so clear-cut. The lawmaker’s son-in-law then goes missing. Meanwhile, Kim Seo Hee (Lee Yoo Young) is the youngest daughter of the late lawmaker and her husband is now missing. She married her husband to benefit both of their families, but their relationship hasn’t been so good. Kim Seo Hee becomes a lawmaker to find the truth behind her father’s death and save her missing husband. Jo Tae Sik and Kim Seo Hee soon uncover a conspiracy and try to reveal the truth. The drama is scheduled to premiere October 12 on OCN.



Episodes: 16
Writer: Min Ji Hyung
Director: Nam Ki Hoon
Genre: Crime

The drama is a remake of U.S. television series “Leverage”. Lee Tae Joon (Lee Dong Gun) is an excellent insurance fraud investigator. An unexpected case changes his life. He quits his job and recruits talented criminals, that he once caught, to form an elite fraud team. The team includes Hwang Soo Kyung (Jeon Hye Bin), Go Na Byul (Kim Sae Ron), Roy Ryu (Kim Kwon) and Jung Ui Sung (Yeo Hoe Hyun). They scam wealthy criminals and return the money that they stole to the victims. The drama is scheduled to premiere October 13 on TV CHOSUN.


Catch The Ghost:

Episodes: 16
Writer: So Won & Lee Young-Joo
Director: Shin Yoon Sub (Come Back Mister)
Genre: Mystery, Romance

The drama is about Yoo Ryung (Moon Geun Young) who became a police investigator in order to find her missing twin sister. She does not always follow the rules as she strongly believes in justice. She partners with Go Ji Suk (Kim Sun Ho). The drama is scheduled to premiere October 21 on tvN.



Episodes: 32
Writer: Hae Won
Director: Lee Jung-Rim
Genre: Mystery, Romance

The drama is about Na Jung Sun (Jang Na Ra) who works for a team that deals with VIP customers of a department store. She is married to Park Sung Joon (Lee Sang Yoon), who works on the same team. The couple face an unexpected case, which causes their lives to fall apart. The drama is scheduled to premiere October 28 on SBS.


Which upcoming drama are you mostly looking forward to?