6 K-Dramas to look forward to in June 2019

It’s already June! time seriously flies by! Each month we are getting more and more kdramas to watch!
Let’s see which upcoming drama you should look forward to watch in June!

Arthdal Chronicles:

Episodes: 18
Writer: Kim Young Hyun & Park Sang Yeon (Six Flying Dragons)
Director: Kim Won Suk (My Mister)
Genre: Fantasy, Historical

The drama revolves around the power struggles, love and growth within four characters in the ancient city of Asdal, the capital of Gojoseon. Eun Sum (Song Joong Ki), was born with the destiny of bringing destruction to Aseudal. Because his mother fought to save him, he goes through all sorts of adversities as he grows up. Years later he returns to Aseudal to fulfill his destiny. Ta Gon (Jang Dong Gun), is a war hero of Aseudal. He has paved the way for Aseudal to become a very prosperous nation, and he is the most powerful person in Aseudal, nobody ever dares to question him, and he is admired as he is feared. He long dreams of becoming the first king of Aseudal. Tan Ya (Kim Ji Won), was born with the same fate as Eun Sum, their fates are both intertwined. She has also gone through many adversities over the course of her life, She is very clear about what her mission will be. Her greatest ambition is to become a politician. Tae Ha (Kim Ok Bin), a woman who is the last descendant of the Noeantal, a race completely different from humans. Her ambition knows no bounds. The drama is scheduled to premiere June 1st on tvN.


Partners for Justice 2:

Episodes: 32
Writer: Min Ji-Eun (Partners Of Justice)
Director: No Do Cheol & Han Jin Sun (Partners Of Justice, My Husband Oh Jak Doo)
Genre: Mystery, Detective

The drama is about a warm-hearted prosecutor and a forensic scientist with a bad personality must join forces in order to catch criminals. Forensic doctor Baek Bum (Jung Jae Young) has doubts about Oh Man Sang’s death. Baek Bum tries to uncover the truth on whether Oh Man Sang really died or not. Meanwhile, Eun Sol (Jung Yoo Mi) has grown from a rookie prosecutor and still works with Baek Beom. Do Ji Han (Oh Man Suk) is a prosecutor who cooperates with Baek Bum and Eun Sol. The drama is scheduled to premiere June 3 on MBC.



Episodes: 32
Writer: Choi Hyun Ok
Director: Kim Sang Hwi (Drama Special: Bomi’s Room)
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Comedy

The drama is about a middle-aged housewife who has devoted her life to her family ends up destroying a family and falls in despair. Through a mysterious perfume, her appearance suddenly changes to a beautiful young woman. Min Jae Hee (Ha Jae Sook) is a housewife who suddenly becomes young and pretty after using a perfume. She starts working as a model under the name Min Ye Rin (Go Won Hee) and meets Seo Yi Do (Shin Sung Rok), a successful fashion designer but a mean spirited person. The drama is scheduled to premiere June 3 on KBS2.


Search: WWW:

Episodes: 16
Writer: Kwon Eun Sol
Director: Jung Ji Hyun
Genre: Romance, Office

The drama is about the conflicts, the wins, and losses one experiences when working. It will follow the story of 21st century women, who chose to not be a wife or a mother and successfully work without discrimination or impediments. Bae Ta Mi (Im Soo Jung) works as a director for a big web portal company. She is in her late 30’s and is quite competitive. With her competitiveness, Bae Ta Mi enjoys success. The methods she uses to win has her wondering if she is doing the right thing with her life. Has she sacrificed too much of her personal life for success? Meanwhile, Park Mo Gun (Jang Ki Yong) is a man in his 20’s and is a gifted composer. He creates music for video games. Park Mo Gun meets Bae Ta Mi at an arcade. He falls in love with her due to her competitive spirit. The drama is scheduled to premiere June 5 on tvN.


Joseon Survival:

Episodes: 20
Writer: Kim Sol Ji (Syndrome)
Director: Jang Yong Woo (D-Day)
Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Time-travel

The drama is about Han Jung Rok (Kang Ji Hwan), a former national archer and current deliveryman from 2019. He ends up traveling to the past with his first love, Lee Hae Deun (Kyung Soo Jin) and meets Im Kku Jung (Song Won Suk), a famous thief from the Joseon dynasty. Together, they struggle to survive, put their lives at stake for the people they love, and share a strong friendship. The drama is scheduled to premiere June 8 on tv chosun.




Episodes: 10
Writer: Lee Dae II (Life on Mars)
Director: Kwak Jung Hwan (Ms. Hammurabi)
Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Time-travel

The drama tells the story of politicians and their aides who try to climb up the political ladder. Jang Tae Joon (Lee Jung Jae) is a lawmaker’s assistant who works at the National Assembly. He succeeds in making his boss leader of the party but, as an ambitious man, he wants to achieve more. Meanwhile, Kang Sun Young (Shin Min Ah) is a lawyer who often hosts a television series where she talks about political affairs. She isn’t fond of aides, which is one of the reasons she doesn’t like Jang Tae Joon. The drama is scheduled to premiere June 14 on JTBC.


Which upcoming drama are you mostly looking forward to?