2018 APAN Star Awards Winners


Daum – Osen: Lee Byung Hun won the daesang for Mr Sunshine…Jung Hae In won 2 awards

1.[+614, -69] ‘Mr. Sunshine’ was seriously a good work, Congratulations Lee Byung Hun for receiving the daesang

2.[+282, -27] Lee Byung Hun-ssi, I sincerely congratulate you for winning the daesang. It was the first time that I was so immersed while watching a drama. I still can’t forget his realistic acting in the end. Mr Sunshine was the drama of my life and Yoo Jin Choi was the character of my life. Once again I congratulate you for winning the daesang

3.[+178, -12] Mr Sunshine~ Drama of the year~ Actors of the year^^

4.[+108, -5] It’s a pity that Kim Tae Ri won only the New Actress Award. It won’t be even enough if she won the best actress award…

5.[+101, -6] Wish actor from Mr Sunshine doesn’t deserve an award?…I feel bad that they didn’t win everything…even Dong Mae…what a pity..

6.[+95, -2] Congratulations but where is My Mister’s Lee Sun Gyun . .

7.[+93, -10] Eugene Choi! Congratulations on the award~^^♡ he got one step further as actor~~ I will always support you~^^

8.[+80, -2] Seriously Jung Kyung Ho is not there ㅡㅡ He seriously deserved to win

9.[+82, -8] Isn’t the daesang too obvious…Congratulations to Mr Sunshine team~^^

10.[+74, -0] There are a lot of Mr Sunshine actors who deserved an award, It’s a pity that they didn’t all win

11.[+61, -7] There is nothing for Jung Kyung Ho?

12.[+50, -0] The writer’s award…. Life… Secret Forest deserved the win but this time Writer Park Hae Young (My Mister)’s writing was much better .


▲ Grand Prize (Daesang): Lee Byung Hun – Mr. Sunshine

▲ Top Excellence Award Actor (Miniseries): Park Seo Joon – What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Top

▲ Excellence Award Actress (Miniseries): Lee Ji Eun (IU) – My Mister

▲ Top Excellence Award Actor (Long-length Drama): Lee Sang Woo – Marry Me Now

▲ Top Excellence Award Actress (Long-length Drama): Shin Hye Sun – My Golden Life

▲ Excellence Award Actor (Miniseries): Jung Hae In – Something in the Rain

▲ Excellence Award Actress (Miniseries): Go Ah Sung – Life on Mars

▲ Excellence Award Actor (Long-length Drama): Jang Seung Jo – Money Flower

▲ Excellence Award Actress (Long-length Drama): Jo Bo Ah – Goodbye to Goodbye

▲ Best Supporting Actor: Park Ho San – My Mister & Yoo Jae Myung – Life

▲ Best Supporting Actress: Kim Min Jung – Mr. Sunshine

▲ Best New Actor: Yang Se Jong – Temperature of Love & Jang Ki Yong – My Mister

▲ Best New Actress: Kim Tae Ri – Mr. Sunshine & Won Jin Ah – Just Between Lovers

▲ Popularity Award: Jung Hae In – Something in the Rain & Park Min Young – What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

▲ Best Screenwriter: Lee Soo Yeon – Life

▲ Global Star Award: Park Hae Jin

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I´m still surprised that Won Jin Ah from Just Between Lovers win an award, the drama was hella good but the rating was too low, they deserved better. Instead of giving Jun Hae In they should have giving some kind of popularity award, his character wasn´t as difficult as other actors work but we can´t denie it was it popular (except for the bad end). But at the end this awards don´t reflect good content

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